It’s never too late to start implementing financial strategies and solutions to make sure you live a long retirement.

Welcome to The Goldstone Agency

We are a financial services firm based in Michigan that serves clients all across the United States. We truly believe in educating retirees and pre-retirees about the importance of proper retirement income planning.

Daniel Goldstone, backed by a formidable team of experts, shares his extensive knowledge and years of experience with each of his clients. Through financial education, he empowers individuals to make informed financial decisions.

This team’s collective expertise spans various aspects of finance, including investment strategies, risk management, and tax planning. Together, they work diligently to deliver comprehensive and personalized solutions that cater to the unique needs and goals of each client.

Their unwavering dedication to excellence and client satisfaction sets them apart in the industry.

Whether you are a pre-retiree or are currently retired, protecting your lifestyle and your retirement savings is very important. It’s never too late to start implementing financial strategies and solutions to make sure you live a long and sustainable retirement.

Financial Protection

Safeguard beneficiaries and retirement assets from end-of-life healthcare costs and high taxation with our comprehensive insurance solutions. Protect your retirement funds effectively with our tailored offerings.

Retirement ‚ÄčIncome

Explore options for mitigating market risk, ensuring reasonable returns and preserving retirement savings. Our secure solutions offer guaranteed returns with principal protection for a stable financial future.


Numerous pre-retirees and retirees worry that their 401(k), IRA, Social Security, and savings may prove insufficient to sustain them throughout their retirement years. The Personal Pension Plan is designed to bridge this income gap for a lifetime.


Effective Wealth Transfer is a financial strategy aimed at conserving your assets and transferring them to your beneficiaries in the most tax-efficient way possible. This approach assists your heirs in circumventing the unwelcome "Tax Time-Bomb."


"I was initially uncertain about investing in an annuity, but after consulting with the team of experts, I decided to go ahead with the purchase. The annuity has provided me with a steady income stream throughout my retirement, giving me peace of mind and financial security. I can now enjoy my golden years without worrying about outliving my savings. I'm grateful for the knowledgeable guidance I received, which helped me make an informed decision that has positively impacted my retirement."
Jane S.
"Working with a financial advisor has been a game-changer for my retirement planning. Their expertise and personalized approach helped me create a comprehensive strategy tailored to my goals. Thanks to their guidance, I now have peace of mind knowing that my financial future is secure and well-prepared for my golden years."
John D.
"I can't express enough gratitude for the retirement planning advice I received from Daniel Goldstone. His insights and recommendations transformed my approach to retirement, giving me confidence in my financial future. His services have been invaluable in helping me establish a solid foundation for a worry-free and enjoyable retirement."
Mike B.


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